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Your Winter Park Influencer Marketing FAQs Answered

Winter Park Influencer Marketing

Are you looking for fresh new marketing to boost the reach of your business? Winter Park influencer marketing could be your answer. Read on to discover how this engaging marketing movement is effective and eye-catching.      

A plethora of questions surround the ever-growing trend of influencer marketing. Today, we’ll answer popular questions about Winter Park influencer marketing and how it can help your local company grow

Why Businesses Need To Understand And Utilize Influencer Marketing

Before jumping into our queue of FAQs, you should know this mode of marketing is on an upward trajectory, and the sky is the limit.

In 2021 alone, influencer marketing was a hefty $13 billion industry where 63% of marketers planned significant increases to their budget over the following calendar year. With future investment plans like these, it’s no surprise that analytics suggest that the global influencer marketing platform will reach a whopping $84.89 billion over the next six years. 

Influencer marketing isn’t dropping off the advertising landscape anytime soon. But to ride this wave well into the future, we’ve got to start with the basics. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is essentially word-of-mouth advertising in the online space. This popular marketing trend increases the reach of businesses, services, or products by leveraging influencer endorsements on social media platforms. 

Often, influencers become a brand of their own. When Winter Park business owners link arms with a social media account and platform that compliments their business branding, it can be a match made in marketing heaven.  

Who Is An Influencer?

The growing popularity of influencer marketing begs the question, how many followers does an influencer need to market effectively? Upwards of 1k followers is generally a good rule of thumb. However, an essential factor to consider is an influencer’s engagement rates.

Not only does someone need a significant and authentic following on social media platforms to be considered an influencer, but they need the intention of being an influencer. 

The way to measure these factors is to do your research:

  • Comb through an influencer’s social media platform and compare how many accounts they follow with their following. If the scale tips in the direction of brands followed, it might indicate a numbers game boosted by using a “follow for follow” technique and less of an authentic social media following. 
  • Note influencers’ curated content and the brands they support. Determine if their marketing efforts are deliberate, intentional, and consistent for the products, services, and businesses they endorse.   

How Do You Find The Right Influencer For Your Business?

Now that we’ve covered some basic influencer marketing FAQs, it’s time to determine where to start your search for the best Winter Park influencer marketing. 

  • One option is to scour brands and influencers that your social media audience follows by performing some hashtag research.
  • Another solid option is starting your Winter Park influencer marketing local with @AroundWinterPark.      

How Can Influencer Marketing With @AroundWinterPark Boost Your Business Reach?

Winter Park Influencer Marketing

Our team can exponentially boost the reach of your business advertising by increasing your visibility on our active and growing Instagram account, @AroundWinterPark

When you partner with us, you can expect to be welcomed by a team of analytical and creative marketing experts who rally around your business to curate engaging and on-brand content. We advertise your business by leveraging our Instagram reach of over 43k followers.  

We Can Help With All Your Marketing Needs

Our online directory provides a space to showcase your local business online, stretching your Winter Park influencer marketing reach even further. 

Access to our sister company, South Street & Co., gives your business comprehensive marketing strategies. Our marketing experts help with SEO, website design, email marketing, social media campaigns, and brand and business coaching (to name a few). 

Winter Park Influencer Marketing

Whether your business boasts Winter Park’s old-world charm or taps into the college-town vibe, wielding a virtual voice that has the potential to reach an untapped local market can take your business to the next level

Are you ready to extend your online reach with local Winter Park influencer marketing today? We can’t wait to help your Winter Park business grow! DM us on our @AroundWinterPark Instagram page, or connect with us today.     


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