Tampa Influencer Marketing: Why You’ll Want To Implement These Strategies

Getting your business’s name out in the community in an impactful way is a critical step in meeting your goals. Not only is it contagious to reshare a new spot in town, but Tampa influencer marketing can also be a great way to get your business in front of new eyes in the Tampa Bay community. Here’s the strategy we’d use for your business to find more brand advocates. 

You may be wondering about the variety of strategies a brand can use for a Tampa influencer marketing campaign, and that’s why we’re here to help. There are various ways to promote your brand in the local area, so we have broken down some of our favorites below to help you envision if these could help you achieve your goals. 

Share A New Service 

If you’re launching a new service or product and want to let the community know more about it, a Tampa influencer marketing campaign could be the secret strategy for success. For example, our @AroundTampa account is used as a resource for locals and visitors alike to find new businesses and hangouts that they haven’t explored before. 

In this post, we connected with this business owner over Instagram, heard their story, highlighted their service, and grew their reach! They reached 22,338 accounts in their reach, 46% were new accounts, and 82 actions were taken… all from one post! 

The power of a Tampa influencer marketing campaign is that it can share your brand’s story with a whole new audience in a specific area. An alternative to telling your customers to share your business’s information with their friends and family, a local influencer can share your brand’s story at a larger scale and with a similar impact. Studies are now showing that the ROI from an influencer referral is more powerful than word of mouth. 

Host A Community Event 

Another successful strategy to use when thinking about how your business can approach a Tampa influencer marketing campaign is to highlight a community event that your company is hosting or sponsoring. The Tampa Bay community is known for its community events drawing quite a loyal following. The reality is that most of us are actively looking for another reason to grab a group of friends and explore new areas of town! 
If your business offers tours, events, or community gatherings, this type of strategy will put your name on the calendars of the people you’re looking to target. Take this post, for example which reached 5,876 people.

The core of a successful Tampa influencer marketing campaign is about attracting and informing your next loyal customer. Influencers give you the ability to access the audience you’re looking to target with your brand’s story in a way that paid media placements cannot. 

Share A Giveaway With Your Audience 

If you’re looking to give your audience something they WANT, hosting a giveaway could be the right idea for your brand to employ in a Tampa influencer marketing campaign. These campaigns also serve as a perfect excuse for other accounts to share your promotion for a chance to win. This snowball effect can gain 3x the exposure you initially planned on. Giveaways are also a great way for new customers to make finite plans to contact your business. 

The power of free promotions can really last, especially when you wow them with your business’s delivery. We love seeing multiple accounts partner to bundle a giveaway prize! Contact us if you’re looking for a network to tap into for this. 

The right strategy to promote your business in a Tampa influencer marketing campaign can be customized and tailored to your specific goals. If you’re intrigued by the ideas mentioned above, learn more about what it takes to advertise your business on the @AroundTampa account and we look forward to helping you create an amazing campaign!