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Are You Searching “How To Message An Instagram Influencer?” It’s Easier Than You Think

How to message an Instagram influencer

Building brand partnerships through social media doesn’t have to be forced or manufactured – but it DOES have to be strategic. Which is why we wanted to give you this go-to guide for how to message an Instagram influencer.

When it comes to creating community online through storytelling, influencer marketing leads the way. If you are ever wondering whether or not to reach out to your favorite influencer, here’s the guide for how to build a partnership with even the biggest accounts on your radar.

Step #1: Outline Your Desired Outcome

The best way to understand how to message an Instagram influencer is to know your why – which really works for almost everything in life! Influencers are well acquainted with the strategy behind social media advertising so it’s important to outline your goals so you can meet their expectations. 

Goals for an influencer marketing campaign:

  • Highlight your new product. 
  • Update your community on a location change. 
  • Grow your brand’s awareness in an area or target market. 
  • Align your brand with the influencers interests. 
  • Tap into a community that you’re looking to be a part of.

Step #2: Make It Valuable To Them Is How To Message An Instagram influencer

Incentives are everything! Whether you want to get to know a new audience, or tap into a community that knows you well – the influencer making that introduction needs some love too! Offering valuable perks for partnering with your brand and mentioning that from the start is crucial when thinking about how to message an Instagram influencer.

Incentives for an influencer marketing campaign include: 

  • Mention the influencer that referred you for a % off. 
  • Featuring a user-generated photo feature on a business’s account. 
  • Giving away a free product, service, or visit to your business. 
  • Bring a friend to save $10.

Step #3: Make It Natural – Keep The Social In Social Media

I think everyone has seen and honestly ignored many spam-y messages on Instagram, and let me tell you, it only increases as your follower count grows. So whatever you do when thinking about how to message an Instagram influencer, make sure it’s true to YOU. Highlight your brand story, appeal to their interests, chat about life or career, whatever it is, make a relationship with the person responsible for representing your business to their following.

How to message an Instagram influencer

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