Our 4 Best Tips For Advertising Through Social Media In Orlando

Advertising Through Social Media In Orlando

Are you looking for new and creative ways to start advertising through social media in Orlando? Here are some must-have tips from the experts.

Advertising through social media in Orlando is an ideal way to share your business with locals and visitors alike. Not only does social media put your pictures, videos, captions, and more right in front of your audience, you can interact with them directly – creating a personalized experience and building lasting relationships. 
Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a way to give your social media presence a boost, we have some practical advice you can apply today.

Our 4 Best Tips For Advertising Through Social Media In Orlando

Have A Presence On The Right Platforms

One of the first things you should do when building your social media presence is to find out which platforms your potential clients or customers are using. While it’s good to expand your business onto a variety of platforms, you should be devoting most of your time and efforts to the ones that tend to attract more of your desired audience.

For example, data shows that Instagram’s largest demographic is women between the ages of 18 to 24 years old, and it’s also the most important social media platform for influencer marketing. If this is something that would benefit your business, then you know where to get started.

Create High-Quality Content

Using visually appealing images and captions that start conversations is a key part of advertising through social media in Orlando. You want your images to catch the attention of your followers as they scroll through their social media feed, and your captions need to encourage engagement. As a great example, check out this post that we recently shared on our @AroundDowntownOrlando account that received over 500 likes, 32 comments, and reached over 12,000 accounts in just 4 days!

Think Outside The Box… Or The Square

Okay, we know this is about social media advertising tips, but hear me out. Sometimes using alternate platforms and media can help direct more interested customers to your business’s social media page. 

Many of our partners love the results they have seen when they have advertised their business in our Local Guides or our Online Directory. These resources give them a place to share contact information, social media accounts, and more, allowing them to add more potential customers to their audience.

Use Partnerships To Your Advantage

Working with influencers like our @AroundDowntownOrlando account is the boost that you need when it comes to advertising through social media in Orlando. Partnering with us helps you share your business with our active follower base. We can create some amazing campaigns that highlight your business to our audience of over 48,000 followers.

Now Is The Best Time To Start: Connect With Us Today

This one is a bonus tip – don’t wait any longer to start working with @AroundDowntownOrlando or any of our other amazing accounts. Contact us today and we can get started on your customized strategy. We look forward to working with you!

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