4 Ways Tampa Hyper-Targeted Advertising Can Work For Your Business

Tampa hyper-targeted advertising

Looking to try a new way to drive more attention to your business? Here are four ways hyper-targeted advertising can help your business.

In this day and age there are tons of marketing tools and strategies available, which is why it’s incredibly important for you to know the different options you may have and what is most effective for your business.

Tampa hyper-targeted advertising

Hyper-targeted advertising is a marketing strategy that allows your business to clearly identify a target customer and deliver target-specific messages in the places where they will be most likely to see it. 

​​Hyper-targeting begins with identifying and understanding who your target audience is and then using data gathered about your target group to create a specific campaign that will appeal to your target audience.

Utilizing Tampa hyper-targeting can benefit your business by growing attraction throughout the different communities in this big city. 

Here are some ways hyper-targeted marketing can work for your business.


Do you ever get annoyed by the random emails companies send you that do not relate to you in any way? Well, by using targeted marketing it allows you to send your target audience specific messages they are interested in.

This means that by sending messages about products and services your potential or current customers actually want and need they are more likely to actually hire or buy that product or service from your company.
Here’s an example of our @AroundTampa Instagram page that works as a personalized account for those wanting all things Tampa including new restaurants, events or news around the Tampa Bay area.

Tampa hyper-targeted advertising

Find more leads

Establishing your niche audience will allow you to find the specific audience around the Tampa community that would be interested in your product or services. You’d also be more likely to find more leads through your target audience and be referred to throughout that group.

Connect with customers

Tampa hyper-targeted advertising

Once you have established a specific target audience it is much easier to build a relationship and connect with them. By weeding out the people who would not be interested in what you offer you gain valuable time to focus on connecting with those that do.

Increase ROI

Spending money on campaigns that are not driving sales to your business can be avoided by using a Tampa hyper-targeted marketing strategy. When you reach the right audience it prevents you from spending more money reaching people that are not interested in your products or services. Finding campaigns that will reach your target audience around Tampa will result in higher likelihood of finding leads in your business’ area of service.

Ready to incorporate Tampa hyper-targeted advertising to your marketing strategy?

Our @AroundTampa account is the perfect place to help your business achieve all your goals. Give us a call to set up a free consultation and see how marketing on social media can benefit you!

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